swift – iOS HEVC decoder freezes


I’ve a streaming app which is ready to obtain a video stream through uncooked h264 or h265 (HEVC). I render the stream through AVSampleBufferDisplayLayer. I uploaded my app through TestFlight and a few customers talked about that the h265 freezes generally. I began to analyze the problem and it turned out the h265 stream generally freezes however with none errors. Even the AVSampleBufferDisplayLayer standing is returning “.rendering” and “isReadyForMoreMediaData” is returning true. The stream solely continues after I obtain an I-Body/ Key-Body.

It’s a actual time streaming app and the issue happens once I lose a body in the course of the streaming session (which might occur recurrently). I hook up with a third Occasion streaming server so I am unable to change I-Body interval. On h264 once I lose a body then the stream will get pixelated till I obtain the following I-Body (which is predicted) however for some motive the stream freezes once I lose a body through h265. Are there any settings which I can apply to the “CMSampleBuffer” through the “CFDictionarySetValue” to keep away from this?

Right here is the code I exploit at present to render a body



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