Overlap Welding – 4 Essential Causes & How To Forestall It


The welding course of is launched to keep away from defects, however generally numerous defects happen. This occurs as a consequence of some handbook defaults or inexperienced people. Overlap welding is likely one of the most typical defects arising in welding.

It’s not a really dangerous defect that weakens the joint however destroys the weld’s magnificence and cleanness. On this article, we are going to talk about the causes, results, and options. To get a deeper perception, hold studying on.

What Is Welding Overlap?

Welding is completed by fusing the bottom steel and the filler steel, however generally, it doesn’t go as deliberate. The filler steel exceeds its restrict and doesn’t fuse with the bottom steel correctly, as a consequence of which it overflows.

It seems like a weld pool similar to a swimming pool the place water overflows when the restrict exceeds. This overflow of weldment is called overlap. This overlapping happens when the weldment protrudes the weld toe or root. This results in discontinuity or hole.

4 Essential Causes Of Overlapping & How To Forestall It

Overlapping shouldn’t be thought of a high defect however impacts the weld’s high quality. Irrespective of how fragile it’s, no welder would wish to have it. Subsequently, you could know the 4 major causes and their cures to not get it to decrease your weld high quality.

1. Amperage

Amperage is essentially the most ordinary explanation for overlapping. If amperage shouldn’t be set proper as it’s required through the weld, it can trigger the overflow of filler steel. The amperage may be set too excessive than required on this case.

To keep away from this situation at all times make certain to ask it an skilled welder or seek the advice of a chart. After asking and setting your amperage, attempt it on a tough steel so that you just gained’t spoil the precise piece. In case you see the overlapping on the trial steel piece occurring, hold reducing the amperage till overlapping doesn’t occur once more. After setting the amperage, transfer to the workpiece.

2. Journey Pace

Overlapping additionally happens as a consequence of a really quick journey velocity. It’s because of the deposition of the weld pool that retains accumulating. So in case your journey velocity is lower than required it’ll most presumably accumulate and trigger an overlap. This may be simply solved by enhancing the journey velocity however make certain to not exceed the restrict. It’ll even be problematic. Discover a reasonable velocity to your weld to keep away from this overlapping.

3. Electrode Choice & Utilization

Correct electrode choice is critical to keep away from overlapping. In case you ignore this, it’ll trigger your weld a hefty quantity of injury. You could know the angle and measurement of your electrode to keep away from this.

Electrode Angle

Even the angle of filler steel is crucial to keep away from overlapping. If the angle shouldn’t be appropriate, the weld pool fails to penetrate sufficient and causes overlap. That is due to the improper quantity of weld that stays on either side and makes a crown. So at all times guarantee your electrode angle earlier than welding.

Electrode Measurement

The electrode is the filler that might be fusing base steel. So it’s clear that the quantity of the quantity or measurement of the electrode decides the weld. If the electrode is giant, there might be extra filler steel overflowing finally inflicting an overlap. But when the dimensions of the electrode is in response to the bottom steel. This by no means occurs. So you could use the correct measurement of the electrode by asking an skilled welder or by consulting a chart.

4. Welding Approach

The welding method contributes rather a lot to this course of. Steel pre-preparation is inevitable in the event you don’t need any defect occurring. So at all times guarantee the correct alignment of the sting, and cleansing of base steel to forestall any bumps within the weldment course of.

How To Keep away from Overlap Welding

You’ll be able to keep away from overlapping by following the measures under.

1. Using Tiny Electrodes

The chance of overlapping decreases to a terrific extent through the use of small electrodes than bigger ones. Because it gained’t let the weld pool movement finally stopping the overlapping.

2. Using the Applicable Quantity of Present

You should be utilizing an acceptable quantity of present (AC or DC) to forestall overlapping. If the electrode glows too shiny, it represents that your present is just too excessive. You could lower it to the correct restrict because it’s essential to have a exact weld.

3. Clear the Base Steel

Cleansing of the bottom steel is essentially the most essential measure to forestall any form of weldment defect. It applies to the identical for overlapping. Because it helps within the elimination of particles and complex particles from the bottom steel and doesn’t make gaps left.

4. Maintain a Average Pace of Journey

If the journey velocity shouldn’t be reasonable, it’ll trigger severe defects, together with porosity because of the trapping of gases and undercutting. The journey velocity should not be too gradual to soften the bottom steel or not too excessive to run you into hassle. Make the journey velocity reasonable in response to your base steel.

5. Discover ways to deal with Electrodes Appropriately

This methodology is dependent upon your work expertise. All welders have completely different strategies in response to their ease. So it’s a must to undertake yours which can come solely by apply. See how the professionals do it and make your methodology which is in your consolation zone.

How To Repair Welding Overlap

Welding overlap shouldn’t be such an enormous defect to be overwhelmed. It may be simply corrected as soon as you might be achieved together with your welding. You’ll be able to simply clear it by grinding it up from the toes. You simply have to make sure the joint stays intact through the cleansing course of. Whenever you do it, it cleans off the additional filler steel that’s collected on the toes. After cleansing this accumulation, polish the floor for smoothing, and also you’re all set.


Overlapping is a frequent defect occurring as a consequence of numerous causes and causes. However it may be simply tackled with some practices and methods. You simply must be affected person and cautious whereas welding. As it may be simply eliminated as soon as the weld is completed with out harming the joint. We’ve got described the causes and cures above however in the event you nonetheless bought some queries, you possibly can ask us within the remark part under.


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