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ios – Why does the Sendable kind is just not checked when defining the generic struct of Sendable sorts

I am going via
video, and I’ve created exmple to check Sendable kind.
Why does this piece of code nod elevate and compiler error?

class Creator {
    var firstName: String = ""
    var secondName: String = ""
    var notifCenter: NotificationCenter = NotificationCenter.default

struct Pair<T, U> the place T: Sendable, U: Sendable {
    var first: T
    var second: U

var okay = Pair<Int, Creator>(first: 5, second: Creator())

I’ve deliberately added notifCenter saved property to the category of Creator to not permit for some compiler magic. Creator is clearly not the Sendable kind but the compile would not appear to have an issue with it.



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