ios – WeatherKit name returning default response


I am making an attempt to make use of WeatherKit to only get a easy climate forecast for a location.

let location = CLLocation(latitude: 37.3346, longitude: -122.0087)
let climate = strive? await WeatherService().climate(for: location)

Once I do, I get an empty Climate object and the next within the console:

[WeatherDataService] Response didn't include requested dataset: .appLocationConfig. Returning default worth: AppLocationConfig(reportAnIssue: ReportIssueLocationConfig(place: beforeFooter, minDaysSinceInteraction: 0), expireTime: 2022-11-27 04:31:20 +0000

Xcode is managing my provisioning profile, I’ve added the WeatherKit functionality, and I’ve an lively Apple Developer Program membership, so I do not suppose I must be having any issues accessing WeatherKit. What is going on on, and the way can I repair it?


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