c# – Xamarin Native Structure


I want some steering with respect to Xamarin Native Venture

The Plan is:

  1. UI Growth:
  • Xamarin.iOS with its unbiased UI – ie: UITableView / UICollectionViews, and many others
  • Xamarin.Android with its unbiased UI – ie: Listview and Adapters / RecyclerView, and many others
  1. Structure:
  • MvvM with none framework simply the plain MvvM patterm
  • Just like Xamarin.Varieties the place we set first web page in App.xaml.cs
public partial class App : Utility

        public App()
            MainPage = new MainPage();

Which suggests,

How do I set my first ViewModel as begin web page for each iOS and android in App.cs

For my Xamarin Native App.

With out utilizing any MvvM framework eg: MvvMCross / MvvMPrism / MvvMLite

Thanks All.


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